Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Wedding Present, Double Door, Chicago 05.4.23

This is an older bootleg I recorded a few years ago. I was sharing it over at the Flaming Lips forum and figured I would share it here, although I don't think I get much traffic. 6 posts in a year doesn't make for an exciting blog. Hopefully I'll make up for that in the new year. I have a bunch of old boots I'd like to share, just have to get my shit together.

Anyhoo, this is one I recorded at the Double Door in Chicago of a performance by The Wedding Present. They were doing their first tour of the states in few years in support of "Interstate 5", an album that showed they still had the goods. They seem to be very unappreciated here and never really reached the wider audience I think they deserve. Their brand of jangly, speedy, romantic punk is almost nonexistent among the so-called newer punk bands. As far as their cds go, I think "Bizarro" is my favorite, with "Sea Monsters" an epic second. Everything else is good too, plus their side effort, Cinerama, is good as well.

I'm not sure of all the song titles, so I'll list what I know here(I'm familiar with the tunes, just not real big on titles, plus I'm lazy and don't want to go through the cds to figure them out):

01. Interstate 5
02. It's not really like that
04. Queen Anne
05. Gogo Dancer
07. Spangle
10. Health & Efficiency
12. Queen of Outer Space
14. From further north
15. Too much apple pie
17. Once more
19. Dalliance

Any help, please comment!

Wedding Present live mp3s