Sunday, March 30, 2008

Black Moth Super Rainbow Empty Bottle Chicago 3.29.08

Let out your inner child! Black Moth Super Rainbow tripped into the Empty Bottle Saturday night and proceeded to spread the happiness that is their brand of odd, techno rock. They played a rather short set-only 48 minutes- but it was great nonetheless. No chatter, talking to the crowd or encore, just warping their way into yer heart. The crowd screamed for an encore after the band gathered at the back of the stage after 35 minutes or so, but that was a fake out. Their videos projected behind were hilarious and disturbing, but weren't directly behind them so they were a bit hard to see. Some cheesy ultraviolence, dead animals, porn, Richard Simmons workouts, and 80's toy commercials(BOGLINS!) were some of the fodder for the eyes. I picked up their DVD, Fucked Up Friends, and it's full of that stuff and more-awesome. My wife came in while I was checking it out with my baby boy, Nikolaus, and she said she wasn't sure she wanted either of us watching it, so you know it's great. They also obviously learned a couple of tricks touring with The Flaming Lips, tossing out balloons and pinatas, which the crowd seemed to not know what to do with. All in all a short, but fun show. Blissful brilliance.

I didn't really care for either of the openers, although the chick singer for Brilliant Pebbles had a fantastic range, from a growl to an operatic trill. One of the more on key singers I've heard in a live setting. The music just didn't really do it for me for some reason. Good sounding, but had a lack of hooks or something that kept me from getting into it. Magical, Beautiful, the opening act, just bored me.

The Empty Bottle is a great venue to record in and this boot is no exception. The place is small with low ceilings and I got a choice spot up in the raised area just off center stage. I'm uploading the flac files, along with mp3s, for this one cuz it turned out great, in my opinion. I'll be listening to this a lot. Please do not sell. Oh, and buy BMSR cds-their website has a ton of mp3s if you aren't familiar with them. If anyone knows the titles that I didn't, please leave in comments. Thanks and enjoy!

Flac Files: Black Moth Super Rainbow Empty Bottle 3.29.08

MP3s: BMSR Empty Bottle 3.29.08 mp3


rob said...

thanks!! BMSR is probably my favorite band at the moment. i'll try to figure out the songs w/o titles.

rob said...

okay... one correction. t01 is not early 70's gymnastics; track 12 is.

t01 is really stumping me...

02 sun lips
03 melt me
04 neon syrup for the cemetery sisters
05 spiracle
06 trees and colors and wizards
07 one day i had an extra toe
08 drippy eye
09 zodiac girls
10 lost, picking flowers in the woods -> caterpillar house
11 forever heavy
12 early 70's gymnastics
13 marshmallow window

Dave said...

thanks for this recording!! does anyone know what the title of track 1 is?

rob said...

ah hah. track 1 is called "born on a day the sun didnt rise", and is the first track on the forthcoming BMSR album.

huevosaurus said...

Hey sir,
I'm wondering if you'd be willing to trade for or sell your "Fucked Up Friends" DVD. I missed out when it was on the site and am going nuts trying to find a copy. If you would, or know someone who's selling one, could you help me out?

-patrick in Winnipeg
email at huevosaurus[at]shaw[dot]ca

rob said...

hey, uh, are you going to the tobacco show on 3 april 2010 at the empty bottle? like with recorder in hand?

your empty bottle BMSR recording is one of the best ones out there.