Monday, July 28, 2008

Boris, Empty Bottle 7.20.08

In 22 years(jeezis!) of going to shows, I've seen some of the loudest bands to blaze the earth- Black Flag, Dino Jr., Flaming Lips, My Bloody Valentine, Melvins, Killdozer, Motorhead.

And now, Boris. Really fuckin loud. But oddly, crystal clear. A lot of loud bands just lose it in fuzz and dulls the loudness. These guys do not. Lots of swirling, beautiful music that rocks the fuck out. It's really hard to describe this band and do them justice. There are so many different influences and styles to pigeonhole them. Shoegaze, punk, doom, you name it and they have a song or two that reflects it. Great band. Check them out on both cd or live if at all possible. But you may need earplugs.

Here are flacs and mp3s I recorded of their recent performance at the Empty Bottle in Chicago. This was after playing what I gathered was a shorter set at the Pitchfork Festival that same afternoon. They were joined by Michio Kurahara from Ghost on second guitar, adding to the beauty. Awesome guitar player. Hope you enjoy these! Nikolaus says it's yummy!

Flac disc 1
Flac disc 2

boris live mp3s

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