Saturday, May 31, 2008

Animal Collective Logan Square Auditorium 2.26.06

Animal Collective are an amazing band. They usually tour with loads of new music instead of playing the hits every time. This makes some concert goers confused and pissed, but is the main reason I like them so much. This is an older boot I recorded and just recently remastered. The first take was real boomy and I never was happy with it. It's still got plenty of bass but now it's at a decent level. At the time, my mac was on the outs and I was working on a pc with programs I didn't know. Luckily, my mac has since been repaired/upgraded and I felt it time to redo this one. This has never been shared or distributed in any way.

A lot of this was new tunes at the time, but they've since been legitimately released on the awesome Strawberry Jam. It's kind of amazing how fleshed out Peacebone, #1, and Safer were even at this early date. This was one of the first shows of that tour. Deakin was still playing with them-I hope he comes back for the next batch of shows. He seems to add a loose element to the band that is missing when it's just samplers being triggered. He may not actually add much to the sound but I love watching him dance. As you should already know, the band has a new ep, Water Curses, which is just as great as the rest of their releases. Buy it and go see them when they come near.

I'm upping both flac files and mp3s so everyone should be happy. Nikolaus loves the Collective and bounces like crazy to the up numbers and zones out nicely to the spacy ones. What an awesome baby he is. Can't wait to start taking him to shows. Enjoy!
animal collective flac
animal collective mp3


Eduardo Osorio said...

yeah, congratulations! for both liking AC and having such a beautiful baby. He is gonna love AC one day for sure.

Jon said...

Awesome. You should ul this to Banshee Beat, as I'm sure you know there is a ravenous crowd of AC bootleggers. Also, it seems the mp3 link is down, as a heads up. Cheers

Cole said...

Hey! the file was taken down! I want the show in mp3!